38 people arrested due to clashes at Saharanpur

July 28, 2014 11:31 am
Rajesh Kumar Pandey, SSP, Saharanpur. (ANI photo)

Rajesh Kumar Pandey, SSP, Saharanpur. (ANI photo)

New Delhi, July 28 (ANI):  38 people have been arrested and Nine FIRs have been filed, post the Saharanpur clashes which led to three deaths, stated by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Saharanpur, Rajesh Kumar Pandey.

The SSP also told that the situation is returning to normalcy and the police is trying its best to maintain peace.

Pandey said, “You must have seen that our officers are very active in trying to keep the rumour mongering at bay. Whenever we get a call, we leave for that place and try to talk to the people. We are also identifying those who are trying to spreading rumours and we will not compromise on law and order.” He was talking about rumours that are going around.

On Saturday morning violent clashes had erupted in Saharanpur amongst two groups who reportedly clashed over a patch of disputed land close to the city’s railway station.

Sandhya Tiwari, District Magistrate of Saharanpur, had yesterday indicated that the situation in the area is returning towards normalcy and claimed that no new instance of violence had occurred since it all started yesterday.

Sikh protesters however, had taken to the streets here yesterday, terming the clashes in Saharanpur as a conspiracy against the minorities. (ANI)


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